The Charles Tunnicliffe Society
Established 2005
"To promote greater awareness of the life and work
of Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe OBE, RA  1901-1979"

Bystander Magazines

During the mid-late 1930s and early 1940s Charles Tunnicliffe created
wood engravings and scraperboard illustrations for The Bystander Magazine,
 early editions with wood engravings and later editions with scraperboard.
The  following table shows the results of our research
so far, but there may be more yet to be re-discovered.

Impregnable Dream
Jean Earle
Sep 30, 1936
Oliver Balwin
Oct 14, 1936
A Lighter Touch
Sally Benson
Jan 20, 1937
In Search of a Maid S. P. B. Mais Mar 24, 1937
The Scar Gerald Kersh Apr 7, 1937
Disgusting Behaviour of H Magson Neil Bell May 26, 1937
No More a-Roving Basil Collier Jul 21, 1937
The Fur Coat Milward Kennedy Aug 18, 1937
Dr. Ox Will Die at Midnight Gerald Kersh Sep 22, 1937
One Good Turn ---- Dorothy Black Nov 19, 1937
The Magic Mirror Algernon Blackwood Mar 16, 1938
The Memoir Basset Scott Apr 6, 1938
Don't Do Us Any Little Favours William Saroyan Jun 29, 1938
The Plans of Mice Norah C. James Aug 10, 1938
The Storm Sally Benson Sep 21, 1938
Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm Stella Gibbons Nov 25, 1938
Cats Go Back Eric Thompson May 10, 1939
Christmas and Mr. Gibson Peter Traill Nov 24, 1939
"Come, Cherie" Theodora Benson Mar 27, 1940
The Vanishing Lady A. M. Burrage Dec 18, 1940
Lydia Comes Back John Collier Apr 30, 1941
The Tallest Skyscraper John Collier Jan 15, 1941
 Lucky at Cards
John Collier
Nov 16, 1950

Impregnable Dream


Disgusting Behaviour of Henry Magson

Don't Do Us Any Little Favours

Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm

Cats Go Back

Lydia Comes Back

Lucky at Cards

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