The Charles Tunnicliffe Society
Established 2005
"To promote greater awareness of the life and work
of Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe OBE, RA  1901-1979"

Country Life Annuals

It is said that Charles Tunnicliffe produced some of his finest wood
engraving work in the late 1930’s, and his scraperboard work of the
1940’s was equally as good.  As a result he was invited by Frank Whitaker,
of "Country Life", to create a scraperboard illustration for the title page
of the 1949 ‘Country Life Annual’.  This proved to be very successful and
Tunnicliffe’s title-page scraperboard illustrations then continued
through until 1972, with the exception of 1953 and 1971.

1949 The Old Bridge (above)

1950 Pentraeth Mill, Anglesey (above)
1951 Laxford Bridge, Sutherland
1952 Crossley Hall, Cheshire
    1954 Appledore, North Devon
    1955 Stanton, Gloucestershire
    1956 Wincle, Cheshire
    1957 Stokesay, Shropshire
    1958 Bosley Locks, Cheshire
    1959 Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire
   1960 Long Compton, Warwickshire
   1961 Llanddeusant Mill, Anglesey
    1962 New Forest Beeches
    1963 Double Cromlech by Llywenan, Anglesey
    1964 The Test at Longstock, Hampshire
      1965 Goldsitch Moss, North Staffordshire
    1966 Sutherland Landscape
   1967 Gimmer Crag, Westmorland
1968 Castlemartin, Pembrokeshire
 1969 Big Fenton, Cheshire
1970 Sheep-dog Trials, Beaumaris, Anglesey (below)
1972 The Tythe Barn, Abbotsbury, Dorset (below)


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