The Charles Tunnicliffe Society
Established 2005
"To promote greater awareness of the life and work
of Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe OBE, RA  1901-1979"

Fancy Pigeons

During the 1950s and 60s Charles Tunnicliffe spent many long hours observing
sketching and creatiing  paintings of fancy pigeons for his friend Thomas Forshaw
Mr. Tom (as he was known to his family and friends) was President of Burtonwood
Breweries, and also High Sheriff of Anglesey in 1947.  He had a lifelong interest in
keeping and breeding breeds of fancy pigeons - at Burtonwood and in Anglesey.

Mr. Tom intended to publish a definitive UK book of fancy pigeons, with colour
illustrations by Charles Tunnicliffe, as at the time the best reference book available
was a Dutch publication written by C A M Spruijt and illustrated byJohan Lentink.

Charles Tunnicliffe sketched several hundred breeds of fancy pigeons
from Mr. Tom's collection, as well as from other breeders, reference books,
colour slides and visits to agricultual shows - such as the Royal Welsh Show. 
Lots of paintings were created, but sadly the UK book was never published,

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