The Charles Tunnicliffe Society
Established 2005
"To promote greater awareness of the life and work of
Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe OBE, RA  1901-1979"

London Times

Charles Tunnicliffe studied at the Royal College of Art and, after gaining
his diploma
with distinction in 1923, he stayed in London to develop a career
as an etcher and engraver. 
At that time there was a good demand for
high-quality etchings as investments, but
towards the end of the 1920's
the general financial climate changed and the demand
for etchings fell away. 

In London he often visited London Zoo and the Natural History

 Museum to sketch animals and birds, but at the RCA a lot of time
was spent
drawing and painting life studies.

In his fourth year at the RCA he became absorbed by the art of
etching and met Malcolm
Salaman, who had good contacts with publishers
 and dealers and helped Charles to sell his

Tunnicliffe's etching of "Malcolm Salaman".

At the RCA Charles Tunnicliffe met his wife-to-be,Winifred Wonnacott,
and they married after Charles returned to live in Macclesfield in 1928. 

"Charles and Winfred"

At the RCA many of Charles Tunniciliffe's fellow students later became well-known
and highly respected artists; including
Roland Vivian Pitchforth, Douglas Percy Bliss,
Edward Burra, Eric Ravilious, Frederick Dixon, Enid Marx, John Tunnard, Percy Orton,
Barnett Feedman, Raymond Coxon,
Edward Bawden and Charles Mahoney.
Examples of theses artists' work can be found on various websites
on the Internet; such as the website for Frederick Clifford Dixon.

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