The Charles Tunnicliffe Society
Established 2005
"To promote greater awareness of the life and work
of Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe OBE, RA  1901-1979"

Wood Engravings

In the 1930's Charles Tunnicliffe created some excellent wood engravings.
He used this media for illustrating books for Henry Williamson's books,
including "Tarka the Otter", "The Peregrine's Saga", "The Lone Swallows",
"The Old Stag",  "Salar the Salmon" and  "The Star Born".

Some of the finest examples of Tunnicliffe's wood engravings for book
 illustrations were published in 1937 in Mary Priestley's "A Book of Birds".

Wood engraving involves the use of special hand tools that are used to cut
the image into the surface of a block of close-grained wood, such as boxwood
or lemonwood.  The close end-grain of this wood is suitable
for creating very
fine lines, but the process needs a lot of skill and is
very demanding in terms
of both time and the hard work invloved.

In the late 1930's, 1940's and 1950's Tunnicliffe made more use of scraperboard
for book illustration work, because it was easier to use and produced excellent
images for use in commercial printing processes.

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